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Multiple Punch Stand Roll Forming Machine
Model : CH-50
Uncoil-Punch-Guiding-Roll Forming-Straightening-Multiple Stand Punch-Cut off
Multiple punch stand roll forming machine.

This roll forming machine has been precisely built, will roll form rail profile with tight tolerance. Chin Minn will precisely caliber the machine with the finest instrument and great experience. This multiple punch stands roll forming machine can punch majority of holes, flat holes, extrusion, notch, cut-out and bend, of ball bearing slides or drawer slide rail. More and more customers are choosing this roll forming machine to reduce manpower and secondary machinery cost. This great machine has won numerous repeat order and royal customers.

  Major Components Quantity
1 Machine Base 1 set
2 Roll Forming Stand 10 ~ 25 stands
3 Roll Forming Speed 3 ~ 10 meters
4 Punch stands 3~ 8 sets
5 Punch and Cut-off Die 1 set
6 Hydraulic Power Pack 1 set
7 Coolant system 1 set
8 Single Head Decoiler 1 set
9 Length Cut-off Device 1 set
10 Rail leaving device 1 set
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